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Over 25 Years of Expertise in Floating Tube Oil Skimmers

Welcome to Oil Skimmers UK, the exclusive distributor for floating tube oil skimmers in the UK & Ireland, manufactured by Oil Skimmers Inc. For more than 25 years, we have been at the forefront of providing expert solutions, ensuring the right fit for every application.

In-Depth Knowledge About Oil Skimmers in the UK & Ireland

At Oil Skimmers UK, we specialise in the Floating Tube Oil Skimmer, an incredibly adaptable piece of technology. Every application demands an individually tailored approach to provide the most cost-effective installation. Our extensive industry experience across the UK enables us to craft solutions that guarantee long-lasting and successful oil skimmer operations. Our Floating Tube Oil Skimmers have been installed in every industrial sector from food manufacture and land reclamation through to power generation and manufacturing of all types.

Coverage by Oil Skimmers UK

Our reach extends across the whole of the UK & Ireland, with main offices in the Midlands and representative offices in Scotland and Ireland. Oil Skimmers UK ensures that you receive a quick and efficient response, no matter where you are.

Demonstration Units from Oil Skimmers UK

Interested in a trial? Demonstrator oil skimmer units are available, and we at Oil Skimmers UK are always eager to bring them to your site for testing.

Contact Oil Skimmers UK

For general enquiries, technical literature, spare support, or site visits, contact Oil Skimmers UK at your earliest convenience:

Oil Skimmers UK
Upper Farm House, Prestop Park
Burton Road
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 2TE

Telephone: 01827 68008

Email: sales@benussi.com

Your oil skimming needs are our priority. Learn more about Oil Skimmers UK and how our expertise can serve you. Let us help you find the perfect oil skimming solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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